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Hatha Yoga

The Yoga of the Physical

Julia Tindall, Teacher

Hatha Yoga is the physical aspect of yoga practice. Movements are synchronized with conscious breathing to take in more “prana’ (life force energy), leaving us feeling energized and relaxed.


Julia's yoga style is a unique combination of slow, flowing sequences that are suitable for all ages and abilities. Julia links movement to breath consciousness in a context of softening and opening, creating a sense of expansion and blossoming of the spirit that transcends the physical body.


Many students say that Julia is the best hatha yoga teacher they have ever experienced. Her clear communication style enables people to understand the nuances of each posture. Her English accent is soothing and calming. The spiritual energy she transmits is palpable.


Some of Julia's travel tours include her beautiful, flowing heartfelt Hatha sessions.


Julia also offers an ongoing Zoom yoga class 3 times a week. Ask for info!

Contact Julia for more information.

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