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Books by Julia

Tantra For The Modern Day Lover

The perfect guide for beginners to tantric practice! Sexuality is one of the most important aspects of our lives, yet often our sexual lives are fraught with disappointments and dissatisfaction. Where do we go to learn more about the sacred art of loving?

This is the first book to take the basics of modern tantric teachings and distill them into bite-size pieces for the everyday lover… a practice book for real world playtime! The exercises presented are concise and simple to follow, yet time-tested and effective for expanding your bandwidth for pleasure, connection and intimacy. Julia holds nothing back in relating her own real, personal and often humorous story.


Be educated, amused and inspired by her fascinating tantric journey!

Left at the Big White Pig

This humorous memoir is a travelogue peppered with romance and sprinkled with yogic wisdom and British wit.


Julia looks back at the defining events of her life that shaped who she is today after she turned left at the big white pig. She deftly weaves the earlier wisdoms learned into her current life situation as a menopausal woman in her fifties looking for her power as a new breed of woman.

Join her on an exotic journey through four continents, two decades and a few hot men!

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20 Questions For Enlightened Living

(Peace and Freedom Through Jnana Yoga)

Jnana yoga is the time-honored art of self-inquiry, which uses awareness to "witness" the workings of the mind. This is the first book to take the teachings of classical jnana yoga and apply them to modern, everyday life in a clear, easy-to-understand format. 

The 20 Questions will help you to: 
- activate your witness consciousness 
- feel more alive in the present moment 
- move through your lessons more quickly 
- free yourself from the monster that eats your peace 
- let go of the ego's attachment to outcome 
- cultivate a habit of gracious acceptance of life. 

Discover the 10 principal aims of jnana yoga which are essential to all spiritual paths of enlightenment.


Your Presence Is Enough

Change the most important relationship - the one with yourself! This book helps to unravel the layers of conditioning that obscure the luminous Presence that we are. Drawing on the ancient wisdom of Jnana Yoga (self-inquiry), the reader is guided into ways of letting go of old behaviors and thought patterns, unlocking our true potential of joy.


A practical guide, loaded with simple exercises and examples, plus personal stories drawn from the author's life experience.


The Practice of Presence


This ground-breaking book offers 21 simple practices that help the reader let go of thought and drop into the NOW. Learn to take presence breaks throughout your day that curtail your addiction to thinking and increase your capacity to show up fully in the moment. It's your life - don't miss it!

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